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Ready to burn kiln dried logs:

Here at Wood Be Ltd, we pride ourselves in producing a premium log product and nothing less whilst also providing a friendly and efficient service.


All of our logs have a moisture content lower than 20% so are ready to burn.


We can supply you with kiln dried logs at the same cost as any seasoned log supplier can. We can do this becuause we produce the logs in the same way but we are able to dry our logs further by utilising the naturall heat produced by a half acre green house.


Drying logs in our greenhouse has many benefits. As the naturally heated greenhouse temperatures can reach 60 degrees celcius in the summer (62.8 degrees celcius or 145.04 Fahrenheit was reached in the summer of 2019) This extra heat combined with good ventilation provides the perfect drying conditions for our logs.


Please carry on reading information about kiln dried logs, delivery areas and how to store your logs from the side menu or you can place an order though our online shop.

Log Supply