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Kiln dried softwood logs candle


These solar kiln dried softwood log candles come in the following sizes:-

XS = 4”-7” wide and 17 ¾” tall (10cm-17.7cm wide and 45cm tall).
S   = 7”-10” wide and 17 ¾” tall (17.1cm-25.4cm wide and 45cm tall)
M = 10”-13” wide and 17 ¾” tall (25.4cm-33cm wide and 45cm tall)
L   = 13”-16” wide and 17 ¾” tall (33cm-40.6cm wide and 45cm tall)

The price is based on the volume of wood on average in the log candle.

They come with a natural firelighter. All you have to do is light the fire lighter where it is placed in the candle, sit back and relax (a glass of wine or beer is optional!).

No extra kindling or bush craft fire lighting skills needed. Yes, it really is that simple. (If you are a bush craft enthusiast then start rubbing your sticks, striking your flints and up load your videos of you lighting the candles on Instagram with the #wood_be_ltd).

As these candles are kiln dried and softwood, they will burn with good heat output and a good amount of flame with minimal smoke. It is worth mentioning that they perform at their best on a still day.

These candles need to be stored in a dry area indoors. Your garage, shed, conservatory, porch or even under the stairs are the best places. They must NOT be stored outside, in your log store, under a lean to or anywhere damp.

When you decide to light the candle, the candle will burn from the top down. As they burn through, they will start to crumble. As they do this, you will need to push the fallen embers back towards the base of the candle and from there they will continue to burn until the entire candle has burnt through. You will not be left with an upside down, part burnt stool as you would be with any seasoned hardwood candle.

These are the perfect excuse to sit, relax and enjoy some quiet time or get the family around the candle with a handful of marshmallows!

*Boring part coming up, Please remember, when you decide to light the candle, good fire awareness needs to be upheld, so keep the candle well away from anything combustible, place the candle on a stable fireproof surface (large firepit or large spare paving slab is perfect), an adult needs to be supervising the candle at all times and when you have finished enjoying the candle make sure the candle is fully extinguished. Most important thing is to enjoy it.